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160 Krankheiten und Schädlinge im Ziergarten erkennen und bekämpfen
Lohrer, Thomas
Verlag Eugen Ulmer

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Putting an End to Snails in Your Garden Identifying and Combating 160 Pests and Diseases in Ornamental Gardens Have you been wondering what’s been chewing away at your maple tree, or why your phlox is drooping? With this book, you’ll be able to find the answers quickly and easily. The 42 most important garden plants are listed alphabetically with illustrated descriptions of 160 potential pests and diseases. You can browse through the plants and identify the culprits using the illustrated profiles. Armed with this knowledge, you can then decide what action you might need to take, and which biological or chemical remedies you can resort to.

Thomas Lohrer, Helfenbrunn, Dipl.-Ing. Gartenbau, ist wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter in der Forschungsanstalt für Gartenbau, Weihenstephan. Er hat zahlreiche Artikel zum Pflanzenschutz veröffentlicht.