Unsere ersten Esel

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Ratgeber Nutztiere
Hafner, Marisa
Verlag Eugen Ulmer

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This attractive book describes in detail donkeys’ requirements and how to best keep and look after them, from their birth into old age. From physical and behavioural characteristics to training for different suitable activities, the book provides answers to all questions that present or future donkey keepers may wish to ask. The book also includes specific information on purchasing, the right stabling and grazing forms, nutrition, health maintenance and breeding, equipment, training and use of donkeys, and also a description of the history of donkeys as useful animals back as far as the beginnings of history. The different donkeys of the world, from wild donkeys and onagers to pedigree animals, are presented in profiles.

Marisa Hafner hält seit vielen Jahren Esel und bildet sie zu zuverlässigen Freizeitpartnern aus. Erfahrungen aus zwanzig Jahren aktiven Pferdesports überträgt sie artgerecht auf Esel und ihre spezifischen Eigenschaften.